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I operate a home studio, conveniently located in Astoria, where I produce demo tracks for vocalists and songwriters. I also produce orchestral mockups (examples on request due to copyright laws), click tracks, and keyboard programming/electronic music design. I use Pro Tools and Logic frequently, but also have experience with Digital Performer and Ableton Live. Most of my recent electronic music design is powered by Apple’s Mainstage, but I also have experience with the Muse Receptor and many hardware synthesizers. I use Neumann microphones, EastWest Platinum orchestral libraries, and Synthogy Ivory pianos.


Feel free to contact me any time about your next project and enjoy a few examples below!

“Dare to Dream” From FAUSTUS. Music and Lyrics by Michael Mott. Vocals by Laura Osnes and Jeremy Jordan. Piano by Jeff Theiss.

“Get out and Stay Out” From 9 TO 5.  Music and Lyrics by Dolly Parton.  Vocals by Jacqueline Petroccia. Piano by Brent Frederick.

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